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Rowing Rig for PakCanoes


Item #PC79


The rowing rig clamps securely to the PakCanoe's gunwales and supports the oar locks at the appropriate position for rowing. Rowing your canoe, you can move faster and more easily than with a paddle.

The simple design of the Pakboats rowing rig makes it inexpensive, yet it makes the PakCanoe a very efficient rowboat.


  • The PakCanoe rowing rig has 3 main parts. A thwart with adjustable clamps can be secured to canoes with different beam. The thwart anchors the inboard ends of the two diagonal arms. Each diagonal arm also clamps to the gunwale and extends a few inches outside the gunwales to support the oar locks.
  • Compatible with all PakCanoes


Best Use Rowing your PakCanoe
Material(s) Wood
Shipping Weight
  • Is your rowing rig adaptable to other canoes or kayaks?

    It is deigned to wrok with the PakCanoes.  We cannot gurantee that it would work on any other canoe or kayak.