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Puffin Saco Foldable Kayak

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 The Puffin Saco is currently unavailable.  Shipments are expected to resume in February 2021.  Please contact us if you are interested in receiving availability notifications.

With its 12.5 ft length, Pakboats' Puffin Saco foldable kayak offers good paddling performance in a lightweight open style hull. It tracks well and easily keeps pace with other kayaks of similar size. The very light 20 pound weight makes it much more responsive than similar plastic kayaks, weighing more than twice as much. The Saco can carry camping gear for a few days, and it is a delightful folding kayak if you just want to go exploring for the day.

Puffin kayaks can adapt to your needs in ways that other kayaks do not. If you go fishing or are not as agile as you once were, you can leave your Puffin open like a sit-on-top. Add a deck when you want more protection. Drive your Puffin to the water packed in the trunk or assembled on top of your car. It is easy to assemble and at 20 pounds, the Puffin Saco is light enough for almost anybody to handle. The excellent Puffin seats are easily configured.

Structurally, the Puffin Saco folding kayak is a blend of aluminum frame and inflatable construction. Dual-cell inflatable tubes on each side between the skin and the frame provide skin tension and ample secure flotation in case of a capsize. An internal aluminum frame gives the hull efficient lines that could not be achieved with inflatable structure alone. Another advantage of the Puffin's hybrid design is the weight. Similar size inflatable kayaks typically weigh 50% more.

An optional deck on the Puffin Saco gets covered by the permanent end caps of the hull, completely protecting the deck seals from water splashing over the ends. Both ends of the deck can be opened to provide unrestricted access for loading and unloading, and permanent deck rigging is installed to secure items that need to be carried on top of the deck.



  • Puffin Saco foldable kayak weighs just 20 lbs when fully assembled
  • Supports up to 280 lbs, paddler plus gear
  • The included inflatable seat is easily adjusted for comfort
  • Also includes an air pump, carry bag, and repair kit.
  • Packed size is 29" x 14" x 10" in the included carry bag
  • End caps are integrated with the skin to improve the seal of the optional decks to the hull.
  • Gunwales are tensioned to add stiffness to the hull.
  • The seat is suspended between cross bars in front and back. Over the front cross bar is an inflatable bladder that provides adjustable thigh support. Both seat and back band have a surface of 3-dimensional woven mesh that provides air circulation. The seat is very comfortable!



Best Use Kayaking Fishing, Camping
Material(s) Skin of heavy-duty synthetic fabric coated with high-abrasion-resistance PVC over anodized aluminium frame
Length 12 feet 6 inches
Width 26 inches
Depth 10 inches
Weight 20 pounds
Capacity 1 person
Weight Capacity 280 pounds
Warranty 3 year manufacturer's limited warranty
Tracking System Optional skeg
Shipping Weight 30 pounds


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  • Where is the Saco manufactured?

    Final assembly is performed at Pakboats' facility in New Hampshire.