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Portage Yoke for PakCanoes


Item #PC72


A shaped wooden yoke clamps securely to the gunwales. Installation takes less than 2 minutes and on a two-person canoe, the yoke can be left on while under way to act as a center thwart. (Yoke on a solo PakCanoe 140 shown.)

With the portage yoke you can easily do a one-man carry. To balance the canoe on your shoulders, mount the yoke so that the canoe tends to tip down behind you. You can then use the weight of your arms to balance it.

Compared to other canoes, the PakCanoe is more comfortable to carry on a yoke. Traditional canoes are very stiff, and you will feel the load with every step. The PakCanoe's more flexible hull helps absorb the impact.



  • Wooden yoke
  • Each yoke is designed specifically for each PakCanoe model


Best Use Makes portaging your PakCanoe easier
Material(s) Wood
Shipping Weight
  • Will this yoke work on my Old Town solo canoe. It is 12 feet long and widest gunwale to gunwale measurement of 32 inches.

    The yoke is desinged specifically for use with the PakCanoes from Pakboats.  We cannot recommend its use for other brands of canoes.