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Knee Pads for PakCanoes

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A pair of 1/2" thick 5" x 45" knee pads install lengthwise in the PakCanoe to cover the cross rib in front of and behind your knees. They fit in the space inboard of the chine and provide a stable stance for kneeling. The pads protect your shins and give your knees an inch of foam padding.

In a folding canoe with a fabric bottom, it is important to use knee pads when you kneel in whitewater. Fabric is pliable, and your weight will push the fabric bottom down under your knees so that your knees form low points, and they are exposed to be hurt by running into a rock in the river. Knee pads provide effective protection, and they lift your knees out of the water that inevitably collects in a canoe.


  • Includes a pair of pads sufficient for one paddler
  • 1/2" thick foam padding, 5" x 45"


Best Use Protecting your knees while paddling a PakCanoe
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  • How do I buy replacement parts (clips) for 17' pak canoe

    For individual replacement parts for PakCanoes it is best to contact Pakboats directly.  Their website is  If you have any issues contacting them, then just send us an email at