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Bench Type Canoe Seat for PakCanoes

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The PakCanoe bench seat is made with a woven webbing top on a wooden frame. It spans the width of the canoe and rests on horizontal rails attached to the canoe frame. The seat is adjustable forward & back and can also be adjusted up & down.

The picture shows the stern seat. The bow seat is wider and has a wider seating area.


  • Compatible with all PakCanoes


Best Use Sitting in your PakCanoe
Material(s) Wood and polyester webbing
Shipping Weight


Ask a Question
  • Could this seat be installed on an Ally canoe?

    The seats are unique to the PakCanoes and mount to the rails that form the PakCanoe frame.

  • What are the specs for this seat? How wide, how high? Does the seat come with all the materials needed for installation? Could it be installed on a Sea Eagle inflatable canoe TC-16?

    This seat is designed specifically to fit Pakboats' skin over frame PakCanoes by mounting to the frame rails that support the canoe skin.  It is doubtful that it would be comptaible with an inflatable canoe like the Sea Eagle TC-16.