RELiON InSight series GC2 lithium ion battery cutaway

The Inside Story of RELiON's Insight 48V Lithium Battery

 The new InSight series lithium batteries from RELiON are different from the inside out.  What really makes the new InSight batteries from RELiON different from the competition? 

Relion Insight GC2 48V Lithium Battery Inside View


The InSight Lithium Battery Difference

InSight series batteries from RELiON were deigned by a team engineers with 100 years of combined experience in the battery industry.  The resulting InSight batteries are high quality lithium ion batteries with intelligent design that is unmatched in the market today. They still have all the benefits of lithium batteries - long life, no maintenance, and faster charging but with more built-in intelligence.


Differences and Benefits

The InSight batteries have numerous design differences over the competition that result in real-world benefits that enable the batteries to carry a 7-Year Warranty.

Differentiator Benefit
Cells encased in aluminium Provides dimensional stability
Steel battery bracket Provides vibration and shock resistance
External heat sink Keeps the onboard battery management system (BMS) cool by dissipating heat outside of the battery
BMS bolted to heat sink Reduces vibration and prevents accidental faults due to vibration AND extends battery life
Bolted connections to BMS Provides stable mechanical and electrical connections
Positive and negative busbars Creates an exceptional current collector
IP67 rated casing Ensures water, dust, and splash resistance
UL2271 certified  Tested to the highest standards



Relion Insight GC2 48V 30Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Cutaway View


Design Features

The intelligent features of the InSight batteries make them easier to use.


Relion Insight GC2 48V Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Design Features


InSight Battery Series Models

The first in the InSight LiFePO4 battery series is the InSight GC2 48V 30Ah model that is a drop-in replacement for 48V vehicles like golf carts, low-speed vehicles, and some solar systems.  At only 34.4 lbs each they make for a quick installation once you get the heavy lead-acid batteries removed. They can be wired in parallel with up to 10 batteries giving a total bank size of 300Ah at 48V (14,400Wh).

More InSight lithium battery models are coming soon!


Contact Wee Boats

If you need any help deciding what RELiON battery is best for your application, please contact Wee Boats to discuss your needs.  Wee can also provide custom quotes for a specific system packages.



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